Video 6: Wavelet Based Denoising of Audio Signals using MATLAB and SIMULINK

Hello Viewers. In this video, the Wavelet Transform based denoising of signals is explained. Wavelet transform is a very powerful tool in the field of Signal Denoising. It gives far better denoising results as compared to frequency selective filters.

This video includes following components,
  • Denoising Scheme using Wavelet Transform.
  • Threshold Estimation Methods.
  • Explanation of ‘wden’ and ‘wdenoise’ MATLAB functions.
  • Denoising examples in MATLAB.
  • Denoising examples in SIMULINK.

Link to previous video:
1. Introduction to Wavelet Theory and Its Applications: Click here

Download Resources:

1. Noisy Flute Audio: Download
2. Flute Audio: Download.


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