Video 53: ECG based Heart Disease Diagnosis using Wavelet Features and Deep CNN (Arrhythmia detection)

Hello viewers. This is recorded video of an invited guest lecture delivered by me in an international conference held in July 2021.
This video is about heart disease diagnosis using wavelet features and deep CNN mainly focusing on Arrhythmia detection and heart rate estimation.
This video includes following contents.
  • Introduction (Problem Statement).
  • Basics of ECG signals and QRS Complex. 
  • ECG Database on PhysioNet.
  • Proposed wavelet based algorithm for Heart Rate estimation and Arrhythmia detection.
  • Deep CNN based approach of Arrhythmia detection.
  • Conclusions.
This lecture is based on my previously published YouTube videos, which you can find on following links.

1. ECG signals Classification using CWT and Deep Neural Network in MATLAB: Click Here
2. ECG's QRS Peak Detection and Heart Rate Estimation using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) in MATLAB: Click Here

Other Links:
4. ECG signal database GitHub repository: