Video 44: Walsh-Hadamard Transform (Signal Filtering and Image Compression)

Hello Viewers, in this video, Walsh-Hadamard Transform (WHT) is explained. This video tutorial includes, its theory, applications and implementation of signal filtering and Image compression using WHT in MATLAB.

The Walsh-Hadamard Transform is non-sinusoidal, orthogonal transform that is widely used in the areas of signals and image processing.

This video has following contents:

  • Introduction and Applications.
  • Forward and Inverse Walsh-Hadamard Transform (1-D).
  • Hadamard Matrix and Walsh Matrix (Sequency and Dyadic Ordering).
  • WHT for Images.
  • Example: Computing WHT of 1-D signals.
  • Example:  Computing WHT of 2-D signals.
  • Fast WHT algorithm.
  • MATLAB Code for filtering of Noisy ECG signal using WHT.
  • MATLAB Code for Image Compression using WHT.

Download Resources: 

1. ECG Signal: Download

2. Lena Image: Download

3. Pepper Image: Download

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