Video 54: Face Recognition using Wavelet Features and PCA (With MATLAB Code)

Hello viewers, In this video, a face recognition scheme is implemented using Wavelet Features and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Here wavelets are used to extract facial features and PCA is used to reduce the size of wavelet feature vectors. The proposed scheme is very robust and capable to recognize the faces even some changes occur in faces such growing beard and mustache or putting goggles etc.
This video covers followings contents,
  • Face image database (Faces94).
  • Face image database preparation for training and testing.
  • Finding wavelet features.
  • PCA for dimension reduction.
  • Training and testing procedures.
  • MATLAB Code for Training.
  • MATLAB Code for Testing (Discrete and Bulk).
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Download Resources:
1. All Image Database: Download
2. Test Images for Robustness: Download