Video 36: Wavelet Based Robust Spread Spectrum Watermarking of Grayscale Images

Hello Viewers, in this video, Watermarking of grayscale images using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is presented. The proposed watermarking scheme is based on spread spectrum watermarking, which is known to be robust against several attacks.

This video has following contents:

  • What is image watermarking?
  • Types of watermarking and challenges in image watermarking 
  • DWT based spread-spectrum watermarking for grayscale images.
  • Watermark embedding and watermark extraction algorithms.
  • Performance evaluation parameters.
  • MATLAB Code to implement watermarking (Embedding/ Extraction).
  • Result analysis.

Important links:

Research paper of I. J. Cox:



Download Resources: 

1. Test Images and Watermark: Download

2. I. J. Cox Paper: Download


  1. Hi please can you upload the matlab codes you presented in the video?