Video 21: MNIST Dataset (Digit & Fashion) to PNG/ JPG Images Conversion using MATLAB

Hello viewers, In this video, It is explained that how MNIST dataset which is in complex format (idx-ubytes and csv) can be converted in to simple png/ jpg images in structured folders. So that it becomes easy to visualize the dataset and to have an idea that what types of images we actually have in dataset for training and testing. For this purpose, two popular MNIST datasets are considered for conversion, 

1. Handwritten Digit Dataset and

2. Fashion Dataset.

The datasets are downloaded in CSV format from Kaggle for conversion.

This video covers followings contents,

  • MNIST Digit dataset (Yann Le and Kaggle link).
  • MNIST Fashion dataset (GitHub link and Kaggle Link).
  • Need of dataset as PNG/ JPG images.
  • Conversion logic from csv to PNG/ JPG images and folder preparation.
  • MATLAB Code for conversion of Digit dataset to PNG/ JPG images.
  • MATLAB Code to conversion of Fashion dataset to PNG/ JPG images.

Important links:

1. Digit Dataset,

    Yann Le page (idx-ubytes):​

    Kaggle Page (csv):

2. Fashion Dataset,

    GitHub Page (idx-ubytes):

    Kaggle Page (csv):


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