Video 1: Audio Signal Recording using MATLAB

Welcome viewers! In this video, it is shown that how one can record audio signals using MATLAB. Actually, there are many signal processing based projects which are very popular among students of Engineering & Technology and among hobbyists too such as,
  • Speech Recognition
  • Voice command for robots and voice based control of machines and equipment 
  • Giving various sound effects to musical signals i.e. echo, reverb, flange etc.
To implement such projects, the first step is to capture audio signals and take that into MATLAB so that one can process it and can apply appropriate algorithm on it.
In this video, it is shown that how one can, 
  • Record audio using laptop's inbuilt microphone in single channel and multi channel, 
  • Reading and writing audio files and 
  • Recording audio from external music player such as mobile phone which is connected to laptop via audio cable.

Download Resources:
Audio used: Download.


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