Video 43: Symmetrical Components Analysis of Unbalanced Three-Phase Vector (Theory and MATLAB Code)

Hello Viewers, in this video, Symmetrical Components Analysis of three-phase unbalanced voltage or current vectors is presented.

These symmetrical components are useful in solving unsymmetrical faults in power system. In this video, method of obtaining symmetrical components is explained and also a MATLAB program is implemented to do the same.

This video has following contents:

  • Introduction (Symmetrical and Asymmetrical 3-phase vectors) .
  • Positive Sequence, Negative Sequence and Zero Sequence Vectors.
  • Operator ‘a’.
  • Method of getting PS, NS and ZS components.
  • Example Analysis.
  • MATLAB Code to get symmetrical components.

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  1. Hello Sir ,can you please share the pdf used in the video.