Video 4: Audio Signal Processing using SIMULINK

Hello viewers. In this video, some basic processing of Audio signals is presented using SIMULINK. Here, it will be shown that how one can implement an FIR low pass filter to remove white Gaussian noise present in audio signal. Also to produce various sound effects such as Pop, Rock, Jazz etc., a graphic equalizer is implemented. Few other popular sound effects such as Echo, Flange and Reverb are also realized in SIMULINK.

This video has following contents:
* Basic Filtering: Low Pass FIR filter to remove white Gaussian noise * Graphic Equalizer (10 Bands) * Echo Effect * Flange Effect * Reverb Effect

Previous Video Link:
1. Audio Signal Processing using MATLAB: Click Here

Download Resources:
1. Speech Audio 1 for filtering: Download. (Source:
2. Music track for Equalizer: Download.
3. Speech Audio 2 for Echo: Download
4. Drum-loop audio for Flange: Download (Source:
5. Guitar wav file: Download.



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