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Video 51: Solution of State Equations (Homogeneous & Nonhomogeneous) with MATLAB Simulation


Hello Viewers, in this video, the theory of solution of state equations is explained. Both the cases of homogeneous and non-homogeneous equations are considered. To clear the concept, some numerical examples are also solved. Also a MATLAB code is developed which is very efficient and capable to solve any state equations for any types of inputs. With this MATLAB program, students can solve questions of their text books and can verify their theoretical outcomes.

This video includes following contents:
  • State Space model of systems.
  • Solution of homogeneous state equation.
  • State Transition Matrix (STM) and its properties.
  • Example of solution of homogeneous state equation.
  • Solution of non-homogeneous state equation.
  • Examples of solution of non-homogeneous state equation.
  • MATLAB code for solution of state equations.

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Video 50: Introduction to State Space Analysis (Physical Systems Modelling) (With MATLAB Code)


Hello Viewers, in this video, the theory of state space modelling is explained. the modern approach based on state space is compared with classical approach of system modelling which is based on transfer functions highlighting advantages of state space method.

Also various physical systems such as Electrical and Mechanical systems are considered for state space modelling. 

The relationship between TF and SS for an LTI system is also established. Also a MATLAB code is explained to model a system in SS and to do various analysis of it.

This video includes following contents:

  • Why State Space? (Classical and Modern approach of system modelling).
  • Introduction to State space system modelling.
  • Basic Definitions: State variables, State, State vector and State space.
  • State space modelling of physical systems (Mechanical/ Electrical).
  • State space to transfer function conversion and vice-versa. 
  • MATLAB code for State space modelling.

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