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Video 64: Wavelet Scattering Transform (WST) for Signals and Images (with MATLAB code)


Hello Viewers. In this video, Wavele Scattering Transform (WST) is explained for both 1D and 2D signals. This lectures explains that how WST coefficients can be computed for 1D and 2D signals. The MATLAB implementation is disscussed. MATLAB code is given and well explained for both the cases of 1D and 2D signals.

This video includes following components,

* Introduction to Wavelet Scattering Transform (WST).
* Computing WST coefficients of 1D signal.
* WST network similarity as CNN and WST coefficients as feature vector.
* WST for images (2D signals).
* MATLAB implementation (with MATLAB code).

Link of previous video:

Introduction to Wavelet Theory and Its Applications: Click Here


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