Video 16: Face Detection in Images & Videos and Face Database Creation using MATLAB (With MATLAB Code)

In this video, It is explained that how one can detect human faces in an image using Viola-Jones algorithm using MATLAB. It is also explained that how human faces can be detected in a video in real time. Also, if someone is interested in creating database of faces, then this video explains the procedure.

This video has following contents:

  • Need of Face Detection.
  • Face Detection using Viola-Jones Algorithm.
  • Example MATLAB code for face detection in images.
  • Example MATLAB code for face detection in a video in real time.
  • Example MALAB code for face database creation.

Link of Previous video

Webcam and IPCam Interface with MATLAB: Click Here

Link to Viola-Jones research paper

Download Resources:

1. Image 1Download.
2. Image 2Download.
3. Image 3Download.
4. Image 4Download.


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