Video 15: WEBCAM and IPCAM Interface with MATLAB (With example MATLAB Code)

In this video, It is explained that how one access Laptop's inbuilt webcam or externally connected USB webcam using MATLAB. Also with help of example MATLAB code, It is explained that how one can preview live video or capture frames or even record a video clip of required duration. 

In this video, IPcams are also accessed via MATLAB. If someone has no IPcam, it is explained that how a mobile phone can be used as IPcam and can be accessed via MATLAB to snap a frame or preview live video stream.

This video has following contents:

  • Need of camera Interface.
  • Installing Webcam and Ipcam hardware support package for MATLAB.
  • Accessing Laptop’s inbuilt webcam and external USB webcam with MATLAB code to take snapshot,    preview and to record a video clip.
  • Installing 3rd party Android application to convert Mobile Phone as Ipcam.
  • Using Mobile Phone as  Ipcam to take snapshot and video preview with MATLAB code.


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