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Video 47: Wavelet Packet Transform (WPT) of signals and Images

Hello Viewers, in this video, the Wavelet Packet Transform (WPT) of signals and images is explained.
The wavelet packet transform is generalization of wavelet transform. In WPT, the detailed coefficients are also split into approximation and detailed coefficients, while in WT, only approximation coefficients are split in further levels.
Also WPT shows superior performance in spectral analysis of signals. It finds suitability in various applications such as denoising, compression, feature extraction and image classification.
This tutorial explains the basic theoretical background of WPT including construction of WPs, WP tree and optimal selection of WP tree.

This video includes following contents:
  • Introduction to Wavelet Packets (WP).
  • Construction of Wavelet Packets.
  • Atoms of Wavelet Packets.
  • Organization of Wavelet Packets (WP Tree).
  • Selecting Optimal Wavelet Packets Tree .
  • Comparing Wavelets and Wavelet Packets decomposition.
  • Wavelet Packets decomposition of Images.

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