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Video 59: Understanding Fuzzy Logic Controllers (Theory and MATLAB Implementation)


Hello viewers, in this video, Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) is explained. Along with basic theory, the complete FLC design steps are explained. An FLC for steam throttle control is designed. Also the complete process of MATLAB implementation is explained.   
This video includes following contents, 

* Why need controllers?
* Classical controller and Fuzzy logic controller (FLC).
* Inside Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC).
* Design of FLC for a throttle control system.
* Fuzzification.
* Rule base implementation.
* De-fuzzification.
* Simulation of designed FLC using MATLAB. 

Video 58: Transform Basics (Concepts of Orthogonal, Bi-orthogonal vectors, Basis functions & Transforms)


Hello viewers, in this video, basic background of vector algebra is explained which will help the viewer to understand how transforms are evolved. The veiwer will learn about vector inner product, vector norm, orthogonal, orthonoroml, bi-orthogonal vectors and basis functions. Also it is explained how the basis functions can create a transforms.  
This video includes following contents, 
  • Vector inner product. 
  • Orthogonal vectors.
  • Orthogonal and Orthonormal basis functions.
  • Bi-Orthogonal and Bi-Orthonormal basis functions.
  • Evolution of Transform and creating transformation matrix.
  • 1D and 2D Orthogonal transforms (Real and Complex).
  • 1D and 2D Bi-Orthogonal Transforms (Real and Complex).
  • Numerical examples of various transforms.
  • Some popular transforms.