Video 30: Producing Colors with RGB LEDs using Arduino and MATLAB (With GUI and MATLAB Code)

Hello Viewers, in this video, A scheme is presented to produce any color using RGB LEDs controlled by Arduino Uno board. The Arduino Uno board is interfaced with MATLAB.

By viewing this video, one can learn how to interface Arduino Uno with MATLAB and also will get idea that how different colors are produced from three primary colors Red, Green and Blue.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is also created using MATLAB guide to produce colors.

This video has following contents:

  • What is Arduino Board? 
  • How to produce 16.7 million colors?
  • Hardware schematics (Arduino with RGB LED).
  • Adding Hardware Support Package for Arduino in MATLAB.
  • Designing GUI using MATLAB’s GUIDE.
  • MATLAB code for color production.


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