Video 19: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI around us)

Hello viewers, In this video, A brief introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is described emphasizing its applications. AI is now impacting our day to day life. We use AI in many forms in our daily life whether we are aware of it or not. 

This video covers followings contents,

  • What is AI?
  • Levels of AI.
  • AI in Smart Phones.
  • AI in Smart Cars.
  • AI in UAVs (Drones).
  • AI in Social Media.
  • AI in Media Streaming Services.
  • AI in Video Games.
  • AI in online Ad networks.
  • AI in Navigation and Travel.
  • AI in Banking and Finance.
  • AI in Smart Homes.
  • AI in Security and Surveillance.
  • AI in Medical.
  • AI in Other Areas.
  • Branches of AI


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