Video 37: Hand Gesture Recognition using Basic Image Processing and Device Control in Real Time

Hello Viewers, in this video, a real time Hand Gesture Recognition (HGR) using simple image processing steps, is presented. This HGR is able to count number of fingers when a hand is shown to the camera. The proposed scheme uses few morphological operations to recognize number of fingers and it generates DTMF tone equivalent to fingers count. With this DTMF signal, we can control devices (ON/ OFF) with help of DTMF decoder and relay driver circuit.

This video has following contents:

  • What is Hand Gesture Recognition (HGR)?
  • Hand Gesture Recognition (HGR) scheme using basic image processing.
  • Various steps of achieving HGR.
  • DTMF generation and device control.
  • MATLAB Code to implement HGR and Device control.

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  1. Can you provide all the details of Component used and along with code and how to implement that?

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