Video 11: Curvelet Transform Analysis and Denoising of Images using MATLAB

Hello Viewers, in this video, Curvelet Transform Analysis of Images using MATLAB is explained. Also Curvelet based denoising of noisy Images is elaborated with example MATLAB codes. This video includes following components,

  • Curvelet Transform: Theoretical Background.
  • CurveLab: Curvelet Transform toolbox from
  • Curvelet Transform of an Image: MATLAB Code.
  • Curvelet based denoising of an image: MATLAB Code.

Curvelet Transform is a very powerful tool, which has capability to capture details along the curvature in images. Therefore, it is very useful tool for feature extraction in the area of pattern recognition. It is also very efficient in image denoising.

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1. Circle Image : Download
2. Lena Image: Download.
3. Pepper Image: Download.


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