Video 14: Reading Android Sensor’s Data using PYTHON & MATLAB with CSV Read and offline Processing

In this video, It is explained that how one record data of various sensors of a smartphone and process that data offline using Python and MATLAB. To extract sensor's data, CSV file is read by Python and MATLAB and extracted data is processed for display and for taking wavelet transform. This video includes following components,

  • Various Mobile Sensors.
  • Why to record and How to record mobile sensor’s data?
  • Sensor’s data recording and online and offline processing.
  • CSV file format and it’s Python and MATLAB documentation.
  • 3rd party android app to collect sensors data.
  • Python Code using csv.reader(): Reading Accelerometer Data.
  • MATLAB Code  using  csvread(): Reading Magnetic Sensor’s Data.
  • MATLAB Code  using  readmatrix(): Reading Gyro Sensor’s Data.

Important links used in this video: 

1. Wavelet Transform Analysis of 1D signals using Python: Click Here

2. Audio Signal Processing using MATLAB: Click Here

3. csv.reader() in Python:

4. csvread() in MATLAB:

5. matrixread() in MATLAB:


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