Video 52: LTI System Analysis using Python (With Python Code)


Hello Viewers, In this video, the introduction to LTI systems is described. Also various time domain and frequency domain analysis of LTI systems are implemented using Python. The Python program can plot various time response curves such as Impulse response, Step response and Ramp response. It can also give various stability plots such as Root locus, Nyquist plot, Bode plot, Log magnitude vs Phase plot (Nichols Plot) and Pole-zero plot.
The Python implementation is done using Spyder IDE in Anaconda environment. The Python Control System Library (v0.9.0) is used to write Python program.

This video includes following contents:
  • Introduction to LTI systems.
  • Various (Time domain/ Freq. domain) analysis of LTI systems.
  • Anaconda and Spyder for Python implementation.
  • Python Control System Library (v0.9.0).
  • Python code for LTI System Analysis.

Link for previous video,
1. LTI System Analyzer using MATLAB GUI: Click Here

Other Links:
3. Python Control System Library (0.9.0):


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