Video 49: LTI System Analyzer using MATLAB GUI (With Code)


Hello Viewers, in this video, a graphical user interface (GUI) is created to analyze any LTI system. This GUI can plot various time response curves such as Impulse response, Step response, Ramp response. It can also give various stability plots such as Root locus, Nyquist plot, Bode plot, Log magnitude vs phase plot and Pole-zero plot.

This tutorial also covers basics of LTI systems. 

This video includes following contents:

  • Introduction to LTI systems.
  • Various (Time domain/ Freq. domain) analysis of LTI systems.
  • Creating MATLAB GUI for LTI system analyzer using GUIDE.
  • MATLAB code of Call Back functions for various GUI components.
  • Program Simulation.

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  1. Very helpful video. Could you please send the MATLAB codes to me for practices? It seem not available for download. Thanks

  2. Code is in video. I have already explained that step wise. Please pause the screen and take snapshot and get printout.